Kim Jacobsen
+45 22 95 44 65
Skype: Jacobsencph
Hello Stranger
Contact: Pascale Scetbon
Marken Film
Contact: Jil Westerwelle

Rep. Europe and Russia
Contact: Nina Fryland
Rep. Italy
Contact: Aylene Gardiner
Rep. USA
Contact: Thibaut Estellon


Kim Jacobsen is an international filmmaker based in Copenhagen, Denmark currently directing commercials all over the world. He has worked with VW, Pepsi Co., ARLA, Danish Ministry of Health, IKEA, Tuborg and many more.

His work has been nominated and awarded in several prestigious competitions and international festivals like the International Cannes Lions, Eurobest, National Danish TV-award, European Epica Advertising award, International Advertising Association and several others.

Kim’s cinematic style is often described as natural and light hearted with a touch of humor and highly visual storytelling.